• Andy Ashton


Updated: Aug 19

These three important TIPS are highly recommended: a well-balanced nutrition regimen; exercise with proper form and adequate rest.

1. Well-balanced nutrition regimen:

Without the right nutrition program your health will regress instead of progress. Health must always begin from within, then vitality will emanate outwards. Nutrition is all about balance. You must begin consuming the right foods in the correct portions for ‘YOUR’ unique body type to feel energised and achieve optimal health & happiness.

Ashton’s tips:

-Drink quality-filtered water to eliminate stored toxins.

-Avoid the C.R.A.P foods, which stands for: Carbohydrates, Refined Foods, Additives, Preservatives.

-Consume whole organic foods that come from Mother Nature.

- Ask for a FREE CONSULTATION and get your "Customised Nutriton Plan".

2. Exercise with proper form:

In order for you to achive maximum results, exercise must be precibed towards your goals and dream physique. You also must learn and use the proper form for every exercise that you do. Proper form equals perfect results, and you will avoid been injured. The best way to learn the proper form is to learn from a certified personal trainer. You can’t learn form from a magazine. Book a FREE CONSULTATION 👉

3. Adequate rest:

Too much exercise can cause detrimental effects, and it can be counter-productive. Over training will slow your metabolism which will lead to accumulation of fat around the midsection.

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