• Mirella Dominguez

What would you have to say to other guys who may want to start training seriously and follow in your

Holistc Nutritionist, which had led me to get the best advice possible to always focus on form and breathing, stay natural and eat whole organic food.

What’s your current training program?

Variety: I’m always changing things up to keep my mind and body stimulated and fuel my enthusiasm. Here is a one-week example of my training schedule.

Monday: Legs & core

Tuesday: Back & biceps

Wed: Active rest

Thurs: Chest & core

Fri: Shoulders & triceps

Sat: Active rest

Sun: Active rest

What is the most impressive thing you do in the gym?

Muscle ups, Turkish get ups, 1-arm push ups & deep drop single leg squats.

What about your diet?

My nutrition regimen is organic. Grass fed meat, wild caught fish, green vegs, whole Greek yogurt, raw milk, coconut and raw almonds. I drink plenty of fresh mineral water with lemon.

Any sort of supplements that you feel are important?

I don’t really use much supplements. If I do I may take L-Glutamine, a wholefood multivitamin & mineral and grass fed whey protein for post recovery or if I am traveling.

What are your future goals?

To always be a global inspiration in Fitness, modelling and acting.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

It may be my overall dedication and knowledge about health, fitness and nutrition to which I work at constantly to strive for perfection. I’m also a genuine, down to earth guy with a great personality and sense of humour.

How do you spend your leisure time?

Working out, playing sports, eating and socializing with friends and family, movies, reading and been in nature.

Where to begin?

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